Make Sure Your New Space Is Wired Correctly

Make Sure Your New Space Is Wired Correctly

We handle electrical remodeling in Bismarck, ND

When you’re remodeling a room in your home, don’t be limited by the electricity. Alpha Electric, Inc. will rewire the electricity to give your renovated space the function it needs. Our electricians are ready to take care of the electrical services that are a part of your:

  • Basement repairs
  • Basement remodeling or refinishing
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Wiring upgrades
  • Lighting fixture upgrades

While you’re remodeling is a great time to address any electrical issues in your room or home. Call 701-400-8990 today to schedule electrical rewiring in the Bismarck, ND area.

We’ll take care of your older home’s electrical wiring

Electrical remodeling is usually necessary on older homes that have outdated electrical systems. We’ll relocate or upgrade light fixtures and electrical outlets. Electrical rewiring is easier to take care of during remodeling, however, you should have your electrical service rewired or checked whenever there are safety concerns. Contact Alpha Electric, Inc. to speak with an electrician about your home or office.